Play Therapy, Expressive Arts, Individuals, and Family
iTHRIVE is a place for all ages.  We provide counseling services to young children, adolescents, and adults of all ages.  Our services include; play therapy, art therapy, expressive arts, couples therapy, family therapy, and EMDR therapy.  We also can help with career counseling.
We believe in a holistic approach when providing counseling to children.  We believe it takes the entire family to help each other thrive.

Let us be your first choice in therapy.

Many times I am asked what iTHRIVE stands for.  I spent a lot of time really trying to find the right name and name I could be proud of.   I truly believe everyone can be anything they want to be.  They only have to believe in themselves.  With the right attitude, the right support system and the right direction everyone can THRIVE.  So, going back to the meaning behind the name, here it is.

I am